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"Not a day will go by that I won't think of you."
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how am i supposed to believe a man, who doens’t believe in love? 

                i  s t i l l   d o . 

the next time your lips touch emma swan’s, all of her magic will be  t a k e n. everything that makes her special, that makes her powerful, that makes her a threat, will be gone.
                  i  w o n’ t   d o   i t . i’ll tell her.
                       and she’ll d e f e a t you.


Captain Hook + Armour


Neal dies, ratings rise

What a shocking, big surprise 


Killian/Hook and his ability to charm Emma


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But I don’t understand why Aurora/Mulan/Philip can’t just be in a polyarmorous relationship together.


OT3 for life

COPS is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

He tried to kill me…twice


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"so he just thinks i’m the jerk that abandoned him" 






"This is why he constantly brings up Walsh. It’s not to rub it in, and it’s not even solely about jealousy (though I think it is an element)—he sees Walsh as he saw Rumplestiltskin. Not competition, not a threat to him, but a threat to his love. This episode was all about fear, and though I don’t know if it’ll ever be more explicitly laid out, but Hook was/is terrified he’d lose Emma exactly the way he lost Milah. Twice in the episode, Emma brought up Hook’s fear. “I thought you weren’t scared of anything/Scared?” Hook is scared. Not for himself, but for Emma….If Hook is drawing his own parallels to Emma’s circumstances and Milah’s, then this line also refers to that. Not only does Emma still have her heart, but it works, and she’s alive.”

 [based on this post by onceuponamirror]